Azguard covers the full spectrum of security needs, incorporating the latest technology and upholding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, presentation and attention to detail. We provide assurance and a sense of protection to pubs and clubs, corporate offices, festivals, events, retail outlets and institutions such as banks. 

Event security

We provide industry-leading surveillance options, including a mobile CCTV camera trailer/command unit and accompanying standalone units incorporating technology such as high-level recording, facial and number-plate recognition.

Our trained, respectful guards can monitor entry (bags, credentials) plus patrol grounds and premises to monitor attendees – ensuring smooth and safe running of events, concerts, conventions and parties.

Guarding against theft plus unlawful, unruly or anti-social behaviour, our team caters to all scales of diverse events.

Crowd control

The main duty of a crowd controller is to constantly keep watch at venues such as pubs, clubs, parties or even at a restaurant. If members of the crowd start to cause trouble such as violence, intoxication, vandalism, disturbing the peace or even breaking the venue rules. the crowd controller will deal with the situation in accordance with venue rules and may call the police if needed.

Static guards

Azguard provides peace of mind through a platform of respect, professionalism, high work ethic and a friendly, positive attitude. We monitor venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and parties, guarding against violence, intoxication, vandalism and breaking of venue rules, calming situations and involving police if needed.

Armed guards

Our fully trained crew patrols premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion through doors, windows and gates. We answer alarms, investigate disturbances and monitor entry and departure to maintain background security. We also compile written daily reports to keep you fully updated and liaise with emergency services if required.

Cash in transit

Azguard gives critical support to banks and other financial institutions, large retail chains, insurance firms, local government offices and precious metal mining companies. We oversee the transportation of cash and valuables to secure destinations. Our fully trained security professionals also work at corporate office buildings and other workplaces to deter and respond to attempted attacks.


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